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February 1, 2010

Was It Something I Said?

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I’ve never been rejected from any job I’ve ever interviewed for.  If I make it to the interview stage, I will usually win the day.  Whether its my stunning good looks or my incredible poise, I don’t know but let’s just say I handle myself pretty well in those situations.

Therefore, when I had two interviews a couple of weeks ago and NO OFFERS of employment from either party, I was stunned.  And hurt.  And angry.  I don’t handle rejection well (except with regard to my writing where it happens more often than not and it’s just part of the game). 

In addition, I know when I’ve aced an interview.  You just know!  Don’t you?  If you and the interviewer have a great rapport, there’s no dead air, all questions are answered with grace and aptitude, it’s usually a slam dunk in my favour.  I came out of both interviews feeling pretty good and worried about which one I’d have to turn down.

Have I lost my mojo?  Worse yet, what if I’ve lost my mojo but am now unable to detect said mojo deficiency and cannot compensate for it in interview situations?  There’s nothing worse than someone with no mojo thinking that they’re on fire.  It’s pathetic and it just might be me.

I have wracked my brains and I have gone over every word spoken in both interviews, I’ve analyzed all the facial expressions and body language of both interviewers and I have found NO telltale signs of rejection. 

Maybe its just that office…after all, when I left the first interview (with the owner) about two weeks before these interviews, I thought I’d never hear from them again.  Why?  Because she said (and I quote):  “You have too strong a personality for this type of position.”  I thought, well, that’s it.  If they’re looking for a “yes-girl” or a doormat, then they’ve barked up the wrong tree.  But, lo and behold, the owner called me back and said two agents wanted to meet with me.

I can blame them for giving off confusing signals all I want to but still, it rankles.  How will I ever know if it was something I said or the way I wore my hair (I knew the dreds were a bad idea) or some other thing that turned them off me…I did bathe that morning, after all. 

The mystery may drive me mad…until the next interview…yikes…can I hack it?


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