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January 13, 2010

Lack of Focus?

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Ok, so you know this whole blogging thing is new to me and while it’s great to have an outlet for my little stream of consciousness rants, they’re pointless unless they have a point and someone reads them.

So, what is my point?

Good question.  I ask myself that daily.  I have a busy little brain but it tends to get off-topic quickly.  I was once diagnosed with ADD and it certainly seems plausible (although I laughed at the time).  All of my primary school report cards said the same thing, roughly:  “she tends to daydream, she doesn’t seem focused on her work, she is very smart but doesn’t apply herself…”  Yawn.

Perhaps this little focusing problem explains why I have about 150 short stories, would-be novels, and other assorted projects lying patiently in folders in my desk waiting for my focus to return.  Regularly, I go back and read stuff and think, “hey, this is pretty good…” I may start it up again but I get distracted shortly thereafter.

My point is this:  I need to focus on earning a living my way and my way is writing.  In order to do that, someone has to read what I write, publish it, pay me for it, etc. 

This blog, while fun for me to write, has no purpose other than being an outlet for my gazillion thought threads.  I need a blog that is at once entertaining and perhaps educational (?) or at least it’s a place where other peeps can come and read and feel, “Oh, yeah, I’ve experienced that or I’ve done that” and they connect with it.  And me.  And my writing…

Ideas:  blog on renovation/design, blog on writing (God, how many of those must be out there already?), blog on stay-at-home-motherhood-with-ancient-senile-dog?  I think its interesting that now, as my kids are entering their teens, is the time that I have the strongest desire to stay at home.  Most mothers are chomping at the bit to get out of the house when their kids reach this age…see here I go…tangent…hmmm…I’ll have to give this some thought.

After thinking, I must research (believe it or not I am an ADD personality who is pretty good at research) ways to get people to read my blog.  And, not just Napoleon.  Christ, even he hasn’t read it.  My best friend hasn’t read it…nobody loves me! 



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