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January 13, 2010

Diary of a Day

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I try to live by the karma rule:  what you put out there comes back to you.  Or, something like that.  Anyway, I try to put good karma out there into the Universe in hopes that good karma will float back to me.  So, why am I greeted first thing in the morning with dog poo all over the floor?

Poor Boomer (see blog Boomer Cheats Dr. Death) – I know he doesn’t mean to do it.  He’s 13, recovering from major surgery, and probably doesn’t have the best muscle tone but seriously?  Really?

Napoleon leaves the house around 6 am which he somehow thinks absolves him from having to let Boomer out.  I stumble down the stairs at 7:30 and make lunches, rouse sleepy & reluctant children, feed them, feed myself and yes, I let the dog out.  I let him out bright and early and still I turn around after and there it is.  On my good rug, no less.

I have another universal question:  when throwing up or pooping, why is it children and animals go for the absolute hardest thing to clean?  Has anyone ever noticed that?  Boomer has had very few accidents over the years but he is something of a puker.  I have witnessed him actually veer off the hardwood or stone floor areas and aim for the carpets.  And, just for the record, he prefers the stair carpeting.  Don’t even get me started on the kids…

So, that’s how the day started.  Napoleon and I are on a post-holiday cleansing de-tox regime and I am literally, hungry all the time.  Of course I crave all that I’m not allowed to have.  Perhaps it’s affecting my karmic output.  I know it’s affecting all my other outputs, as it were.

Napoleon now leaves me little sticky notes in the a.m.  My own “honey do” list.  Thanks.  He’s afraid I’ll start renovating if I have nothing else on my plate…

My Grade 7 daughter called me at lunch time asking if she could go to a friend’s house after school.  When I replied yes, her reply was “Sick!” and she promptly hung up on me.  Is “sick” an expression of happiness?  Or sadness?  It’s hard to tell these days.  I sound like an old fogey.

I called a local retailer today as they had a “Help Wanted” sign in their window.  You really don’t see those types of signs too much at the moment.  Sadly, they want someone with an affinity for accounting – that is SO not me.  I have trouble with all numbers.  I was traumatized by a math teacher as a child…very sad stuff…will spare you.

So it is mid-afternoon and I sit, once again, contemplating what I should do with myself.  I could write a short story and send it off to someone.  I could finish one of the innumerable short stories sitting in my desk and on my hard drive and send it off to someone…I could forage in the cupboard for food that meets the stringent requirements of the Wild Rose Herbal De-tox regimen.  I could search or Kijiji for part-time jobs. 

I went for a walk, ran my errands, fed my dog…clearly as sense of purpose is missing from my life at the moment.

What I can do is relax a bit and savor the peace before the thundering hordes (aka children) return from school and demand snacks and all sorts of other things.  Sounds like a plan..Boomer is already on task, snoring away at my feet.


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