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January 12, 2010

Too Much Time

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I sit in my little house.  It is quiet.  The husband and children are gone.  My gaze travels around our open concept living room/dining room.  


When we bought this house back in July, I’d seen it once.  I knew it was a good house even only seeing it briefly and through a throng of other prospective buyers during an open house.  It has good bones.  Small but perfectly formed.  However, even then I noticed some quirks (and some shortcomings – laundry room, I’m talkin’ to you) but I didn’t have time to make much of them.  Toronto was in the throngs of a hot seller’s market and we were going to be in a bidding war on any property we went for. 

Fast forward to October.  We moved in and realized very quickly that this house was t-i-n-y and our furniture is big.  Our last house was big.  The other thing I noticed fairly quickly is the house is dark.  We have an overhanging porch on the front (East) and our house is a semi-detached so we get no southern exposure.  The western sun is great but once it goes behind our maple, its gone.  The paint colours do nothing to lighten things up. 

Easiest solution?  Paint.  I love to paint; its like mindful meditation for me.  Colour doesn’t scare me.  But, I can’t find any of my paint brushes…and Napoleon got rid of my car…hmmm… 

 Another solution would be to knock down the weird wall between the dining room and kitchen.  Flanked on the left by a pseudo greek column (sounds worse than it is), the wall has a tiny 3 x 4 pass-thru opening that serves no function and just to the right of that is the weirdest configuration of glass block I’ve ever seen.  You have to wonder…were they drunk? 

If only I could find my sledgehammer…where the hell are my tools? 

If that wall came down, there’d be more light.  

Weird…I can’t find any of my implements of destruc…I mean renovation.  Something’s fishy here.  

Well, there’s no money in the bank anyway (not that no money’s ever stopped me before).  I could definitely make some improvements.  

Napoleon thinks the house is perfect, just the way it is.  I know better.  If we had more money, he’d be swinging his own sledgehammer right beside me… 

In our last house, we kept having incidents…let’s call them accidents.  Napoleon would come home and there’d be a tiny pile of tiles on the bathroom floor.  “I don’t know what happened…I was in the shower and they just popped off…” or he’d come home and there’d be a hole in the laundry room wall.  “Well, I guess the washing machine was out of balance and slammed into the…” Yeah, he didn’t buy it either.  It got to the point that whatever project I wanted to start, the demolition and re-construction had to all take place before Napoleon got home from work.  This worked fine when he commuted from Calgary to Chicago every week or when he traveled to Europe on business. 

Sadly, I have to face the lack of money in the bank account.  All projects have to wait.  Oh well, gives me time to find the sledgehammer…


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