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January 12, 2010

Been Awhile…

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Usually I’m a very consistent writer but I have to admit, this holiday season and all of its accompanying chaos, got the better of me. 

When last I wrote…well, I can’t even remember…I believe Christmas was bearing down on me like a freight train.  Yes, I’m sure that was it…with all birthdays in December except Napoleon’s and the dog’s (not counting Jesus), things get a bit frenetic around here.  We had the usual out of town guests, last minute shopping extravaganzas and a very sick dog.  More on him in a later post… 

Also, the pressure to find “acceptable work” weighed on me as Christmas came and went.  Although the house in Calgary finally sold (yay!!), the price wasn’t enough to pay off both that mortgage and the line of credit we had to get to keep us afloat after we arrived in Toronto.  Thus, there is still more money going out than coming in.  I put acceptable work in quotations because good old Napoleon has his own ideas about what I should be doing from 9-5 not realizing (or perhaps just ignoring) that what I am doing at this very moment is exactly what I should be doing.  In fact, if I could write for a living, I would do it every chance I got and not just from 9-5.  

Alas, in the meantime, I must appease both Napoleon and the ever-dwindling bank account.  Jobs I’ve considered so far include:  real estate assistant (I used to be a Realtor so I figure I can do it), veterinary receptionist (I love, love, love animals), doggy day care worker (really? Is that what they’re called?)  A sad little list of things I would lower myself to do on a daily basis.  The list of what I will not do is much longer!  

I will not put up with stuck up, snooty, self-aggrandized jerks.  I have a wealth of experience dealing with such types on my resume, thank you very much.  I won’t work for anyone who has no intellectual curiousity (that actually eliminates most Realtors as does the first sentence).  Yes, I realize I’m severely limiting myself to anything but welfare-dependent hermit as a job.  Am I being too picky?  Napoleon would just roll his eyes…perhaps it’s best that I work with and for animals as opposed to humans! 

Is there a job out there for me???


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