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November 16, 2009

Words on Working

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A wise man (his own perception not necessarily shared by me) believes that if you do not slog to an office every day, you are not working.  He tells me, “You need to get a real job.”   Ok, I agree that a job that pays would be a definite improvement but who is he to say that if I’m sitting at my computer, writing furiously albeit in my PJs, I’m not working?

Again, writing for no pay is not necessarily working although I’ll bet every author out there who is working on a book or a collection of short stories would argue with me.  Let’s face it, I say to the wise man, the modern day perception of what is working and what is not has changed.  Until very recently, I had no idea that one could blog for money.  Who knew?  Ok, seemingly a lot of people but that’s beside the point.  My buddy the wise dude probably has a very murky idea of what a blog even is and I’ve been too indignant to enlighten him.

But, I digress…as usual.  Telecommuting has been happening for a rather long time.  I know a guy in Calgary who has been telecommuting for as long as I’ve known him.  There are many days when dropping my kid off for a play date, I would be greeted at the door by this intrepid telecommuter decked out in some really sad PJs.  He’s an IT professional and not some “flaky” writer. 

Ok, so you’ve probably clued in by now that the wise man I refer to tongue in cheek is none other than my husband, Napoleon Bonaparte.  He is a traditionalist through and through although he LOVES wearing jeans to work everyday.  Even business casual is too fussy for him nowadays.  So, I ask him, gritting my teeth, what is so wrong with writing all day in whatever mis-matched pajamas and fuzzy slippers I can find?  It is not the task that is the problem per se but the perceived lack of value in the doing it.  Man, that sentence sucked but oh well…

We, Napoleon and I, had a discussion about “acceptable” work just this past weekend.  My conclusion is that if I’m stressed out to the max and utterly miserable yet bringing in a substantial amount of cash monthly then I am working at an “acceptable” job. 

 Take my brief tenure as a Realtor for example:  I was sleepless with worry, obsessing over every transaction, irritable, and having chest pains throughout this time.  When deals didn’t go through, I was inconsolable.  That job was completely at odds with my personality; I am not a salesperson!  Napoleon turned to me and said, “Yeah, but you made $30,000 in three months!”

Yay!  I would’ve had a beautiful funeral too as I’d have only lasted another three months before the old ticker gave out.    Napoleon, it would seem, is a member of the “no pain, no gain” club. 

Even a “good job” at my beloved United Way turned out to be at odds with my inner voice.  My inner voice says:  Save the World, give to charity!  Do the right thing!  Help those around you in need!  It’s a no-brainer to give back; just don’t ask me to ass-kiss snooty rich people.  Which is exactly what I was called upon to do in my last position there.  Neither a salesperson nor an ass-kisser am I. 

Napoleon shakes his head.  I’ve given up telling him I want to be a writer.  It would never be considered an “acceptable job” unless it paid.  And, paid well.  We all know how rarely that happens.  But, I’m a Sagittarius.  I never give up and I never stop believing.  So I got dressed today (jeans, sweatshirt, fuzzy socks).  No pajamas.  I’ll save that outfit for when I start making some money! 

Please, Writing Gods, deliver me unto a paying writing gig!


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