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November 11, 2009

New In Town: What We Left Behind…

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While our excitement at being in a “real” city like Toronto hasn’t waned, our happiness is tempered with worry.  The whole decision to leave Calgary for Toronto came rather quickly and once the decision was made, we had to move fast.  My husband’s job started September 1 and the kids had to be here for school September 8. 

In a lukewarm housing market, we put our townhouse up for sale and hoped for the best.

We’ve given up on the best and are reduced to hoping for…something.

As a former Realtor, I know that regardless of how much you paid, how much sweat equity you invested, and how much you want to net, your house is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.  Seems right now, no one is willing to pay much for ours. 

We had our first offer (after the house has been on the market five months) yesterday and everything about it smelled bad.  Still, it was our only one and we decided to try to work with it but it really was insulting.  We countered; they countered back with an equally smelly offer.  Very quickly we told our Realtor to forget it.  They were wasting everybody’s time as they clearly did not want the house.

Ironically, houses in our neighbourhood here in Toronto are going for over asking price.  It’s a rare home that sits on the market longer than one weekend.  We were one of ten offers on the house we ended up with.  I even saw one on Kingston Road (a tiny, shabby little bungalow with an equally shabby front yard and zero curb appeal) that went over asking price.  Amazing. 

Three years ago, the market in Calgary was insane.  Realtors circled listings like vultures and houses went for tens of thousands over asking.  The real estate market is a game that you have to have nerves of steel to play.  My nerves are made of butter.

So, I sit in my cozy nest here in Toronto and watch winter approach knowing that whatever happens in Calgary, so many miles away, is completely out of my control. 

Oh, but I did promise my husband that when the house sells, I will go out in the street and do a little SOLD dance…I hope I get to do it before the first snow flies…


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