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October 28, 2009

New In Town: Has Toronto Gone To The Dogs?

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Puppy Overload

So, I was standing in line at the bank the other day when someone sniffed my leg.  I looked down, thinking a toddler was developing a habit his/her mother should deal with straight away only to find myself gazing into a furry face and some big brown eyes.

Before I dive into this, let me say that I am a dog lover.   I am not only a dog lover, I am one of those people who completely humanizes her dog – I have long discussions with him, I’ve taken off work when he’s been sick, etc.  Yeah, I know.  And, yes, he IS neurotic thanks to me.  But, he’s 12 now and he is my baby.  He is big and clumsy.  His tail alone (if he’s happy) is a lethal weapon and I can only imagine the damage he’d do in a store.

The Scotiabank mutt was clearly an oldie.   I followed his leash and saw that he was attached to a very elderly gentleman in a motorized wheelchair.  Ok, I thought, it’s because they’re old-timers.  This dude had probably been coming to this bank for about 40 years.  As I was musing on this, grizzle dog proceeded to relieve himself on the bank floor.   The bank manager, looking resigned, whipped out a roll of paper towels.  Clearly, she’d performed this task before.  Five minutes later, another dog trotted in with his young owner.  His over-exuberant yellow lab chose to engage the old-timer’s scruffy mutt in a game of hide and seek.  Bank customers started falling like bowling pins – liability issues anyone?

So, I’ve thus far counted dogs among my companions at Blockbusters, Loblaws (grocery), Starbucks and Canadian Tire.  These are not frou-frou dogs that can be stuck into a purse.  These are Labs, Rottweilers, and Australian Shepherds. 

Let me repeat:  I love dogs.  But, in a narrow space like a Starbucks when all types of people are weaving in and out of tables and chairs and baby strollers with hot beverages the last thing we need to navigate is a happy go-lucky 70 pound chocolate lab with a tail like a wrecking ball. 

Boomer, I’m sorry, but you’re going to stay in the car or tied to the tree out front.  Don’t look at me like that!!  Come here baby, let Mommy give you a cookie…


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