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October 26, 2009

Bulking Up For Winter

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Shorter days = bigger meals?

I live in Canada, a country where it is not only acceptable but highly recommended that you bulk up for winter.  This is probably also true of some northern U.S. states (Minnesota, Maine, and North Dakota come to mind). We humans don’t get to hibernate in the winter so we must take steps to insulate ourselves from the cold. 

Every year around this time (funny how it coincides with two feeding frenzies: Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween), I get the urge to eat continuously.  For the record, I also get the urge to do absolutely nothing after eating.  I guess that’s my hibernation instinct kicking in. 

What this adds up to is maybe a bit more tolerance for the coming cold weather but almost certainly a closet full of clothes that no longer fit.  If I’m not working in an office environment and forced to “dress for success,” I can get away with it.  I can bundle myself up in the de rigueur uniform of goose down vest or coat and loose fitting jeans (with long underwear underneath) and no one will be the wiser until Spring or the dreaded Mexican winter getaway.   

By Spring, we emerge from our dens cranky not because we are hungry but because none of our clothes fit. Oh sure, there are those who maintain their fitness all winter doing crazy things like bicycling through snowy streets and running with those strap-on spikes attached to their runners.  These are the folks who have nothing to fear when the weather warms up.  I hate them.  I waddle around in my sweaters and down until there is just no way I can stand it another minute without suffering heat stroke.  Then, reluctantly, I start pounding the pavement in search of my lungs and my waistline. 

This year, I vow to do it differently.  I live in a different city now so it’s the perfect time for a new routine.  This year, I solemnly swear to make better choices with regard to my diet and I also solemnly swear to begin my exercise routine in the fall as opposed to say, the end of March.  I’ve already survived Canadian Thanksgiving (I was the girl in the checkout line with the 20 lb turkey and the case of SlimFast).  Yes, I ate too much at Thanksgiving but I gave myself a day or two to indulge and then it was back to business.  Halloween is my next hurdle.

We have two children, both allergic to peanuts.  In years past, instead of having them refuse peanut-laden goodies, I’ve thrown myself on all forbidden items, martyr that I am.  This year, it will be different.  My husband’s co-workers better get ready.  Sorry, guys.

 Writing does work up an appetite though…


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